Our products

Arnold Dold Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH is specialised on producing specific cutters in small series or even prototypes. We construct and manufacture tools in high speed steel (KHSS) or powder metallurgicaly steel. You benefit from short delivery times and our know- how in construction of all kind of cutters.

Our product catalogue

To give you an overview about our products you can find here our product catalogue as an PDF document. Feel free to download it on your computer. In case of any questions concerning our products, please contact us.
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Form cutters

  • gear cutters
  • form cutters for gear racks and worms
  • form cutters for spline shafts and geared shafts
  • form cutters for sprockets
  • form cutters for toothed belt and tooth sprockets
  • DIN 6513 quarter cylinder form cutters
  • DIN 855 half round form cutters concave
  • DIN 856 half round form cutters convex
  • form cutters for key profiles and special profiles

Group- and groove cutters

  • Group and groove cutters for gear racks, treads, fluting


  • hobs for involute toothing
  • DIN 858 and DIN 8002 B for cylindrical gears
  • DIN 58411 for precision engineering cylindrical gears
  • hobs for worm gear systems
  • hobs for spline shaft systems
  • hobs for geared shaft systems
  • hobs for notching teeth system
  • hobs for roller chain systems
  • hobs for chain wheels, bush chains, galle chains
  • hobs for toothed belt and tooth sprockets
  • hobs for special profiles
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